Creating value out of blockchain-shared monitoring of the commons

One of the great unsolved problem of classical economics is the tragedy of the commons: An unsolvable problem? Nor anymore, with the economy of information!!

If everyone is aware that everybody is monitoring everything, we are in a much more aware paradigm: The extended holoptic systems. I this system, as everyone is benefiting from healthy commons, the source of value is equitable sharing; and the standardized value system is Objective information about the commons. Which is exactly what cheap, reliable sensors will provide.

A new theory of value:

The use-value of commons is linked to the info you know about it.

Fantastic video to help guide Decentralized app building :

In an upcoming article, I will explain how a sensory system for the land constitutes the equivalent of a nervous system in biological entities, and how, in the history of evolution the transition from undifferentiated multicellular blob-like organisms, to differentiated-organs multicellular organisms is very akin to.

Let’s stop being cancer cells, and start being the healthy tissues that regenerate symbiosis! Let’s develop the neurons and communication system required to make us self-aware at a larger scale and pool our wisdom. Let’s connect to the Baobaxia, the galaxy of wisdom-trees!


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